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Stock Market Articles

Stock Market Articles

Patience is a virtue: In trading, timing is everything. Winning traders are patient. They know how to control their impulses so as to act decisively on our trading signals.
Rather than acting on a whim, they carefully follow the trading signals mentioned in our newsletters, in which precise entry and exit strategies are specified, and strictly follow it. Discipline is the key to successful trading. Although discipline can be learned, some people are more disciplined and self-controlled than others. It is useful to determine where you stand on this trait, and if you're impulsive, developing psychological strategies to compensate for it will allow you to trade profitably. More...

Maintaining discipline in uncertain times: The winning trader is the disciplined trader. Discipline means controlling impulses and controlling emotions. As many novice traders can tell you, however, maintaining discipline is often easier said than done. Just as the vast majority of market participants are driven by fear and greed, many novice traders find it difficult to avoid succumbing to self-doubt and panic. More...

Mind Over Markets: Trading or investing can be so exciting that it often makes amateurs feel high. Nobody can get high and make money at the same time. Emotional trading is your own worst enemy. Greed and fear are bound to destroy any trader or investor. You need to use your own intellect instead of trading on gut feeling. Conquering your emotions of fear and greed will help you on the road to untold riches. More...

Make your Trading Easy & Effortless: Winning traders are objective and detached from the ongoing market action. They don't stare at their screens and allow their emotions to move up and down with how well their trades are doing. But novice traders often have difficulty remaining objective and unemotional. There's a very human tendency to avoid risk and loss. More...

All About Market Capitalization: Big caps. Mid-caps. Small caps. Market capitalization. You've heard these terms tossed about by the media and at cocktail parties. More...

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