Financial Calculators   Financial Calculators 
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Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators
1. Credit Card Cost Calculator. What's your debt really costing you?
Credit Card Cost Calculator
What's your debt really costing you?

Your APR (Annual Percentage Rate) %
Your current balance ($)
Your Minimum Monthly Payment ($)

2. Future College Cost Calculator
Future College Cost Calculator

Today's annual costs
College cost inflation rate
Number of years until college

3. Recommended Life Insurance Calculator
Recommended Life Insurance Calculator
(Calculation will be adjusted for inflation)

Your age
Your gross income
Your total debt
Current annual college costs
Number of children
Annuity rate of return

4. Loan Payment Calculator
Loan Payment Calculator

Loan amount ($)
Annual number of loan payments
Annual interest rate
Total number of loan payments

5. Social Security Benefits Estimator
Social Security Benefits Estimator

Age at end of this year
Annual earnings ($)

Show benefit in:
today's dollars, or
inflated (future) dollars

6. Compounding interest with regular investment

Compounding interest with regular investment
Initial investment
Yearly reccuring amount
Rate of interest %
Term (in yrs)

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